Walkabout’s over, for now

Got into Cairns on Saturday afternoon and son Joe was there at Arrivals to say hello.  A chilly 28C after Darwin’s “build up” nudging 40C Spent some time in the rainforest and monday went to Fitzroy Island for the day View from the bar at Fitzroy Great to see Joe again; Beer and Steak at the […]

Kakadu dreaming

What a great place.  The Kakadu is a national park, owned by the local Indigenous and jointly managed by them and the National Parks.  It is the size of Switzerland and a paradise of landscape, art and wildlife. We spent a few days out in this bush, climbing ridges to find waterholes, walking various tracks […]

Top End

We crossed into the Northern Territory after a few hours bone-rattling drive to get to the Barkly Highway and asphalt.  Long day to Tennant Creek where we overnighted.  What a dump.  Aboriginal being thrown into a Police paddy wagon as we arrived.  Drunken, vacant Indigenous everywhere.  Screaming and fighting and packs of dogs barking all […]

Gorgeous Gorge

Woke up by the side of the river Gregory in Boodjamulla, an old Aboriginal place otherwise known as Lawn Hill National Park.  The river Gregory flows into the gorge here and it is a natural settlement for easy living  Quite incongruous really as this little paradise is surrounded by seriously hardcore dry-as-a-bone bush.  Loads of […]

Back in the world

Friday 2 October Left Boulia in massive dry heat and went 70 ks on sealed road towards Winton.  Then went proper bush and followed a track north to McKinlay for a couple of hundred ks.  This was the end of the Channel Country (they all reckon the Channel Country is the “proper” Outback here) and […]

Getting out there

27 Sept Picked up MadMax on 25.9 and drove to Maryborough.  Put truck tents and stuff together and went to the pub for a “feed”  Very pleasant spot and had coral trout and too much red that night Quick sojourn to Hervey Bay for breakfast (shit all-round), quick last look at Pacific Ocean and then […]

Part Two

Flew to Brisbane yesterday, lots of “red” out of the window and not a less else. Really liked the west coast of Oz.  Top end very wild and empty and coastline of one money shot after another.  A recurring thought was how on earth the early settlers managed to open up such an inhospitable place. […]